Sunday, January 6, 2013

Wow! This was an Epic fail!

I don't even remember why I started a blog back in 2011. Probably for the same reason I'm back. A place to log my journey to live healthier. But man a lot has changed since that last post.

1. Job change Home Daycare ➡adjunct college instructor.
2. The Xhusband (father of my big kids) passed away from complications from a lifetime of alcohol abuse.
3. Job change Adjunct instructor ➡head of the general education department at the college (including two weeks as acting dean -long story)
4. Continued yo-yo dieting
5. Kids ages to date: Josh 14, Katie 11, Tori 2.5
6. Job change GE Dept head➡corporate training (Epic to be specific)
7. Current selling our house to move into our forever house.
8. Started my Ph.d program - not sure what future it holds.

And STILL not happy with my weight!

Soi'm back here. To blog about. To have some accountability. I will not be 40 and fat (and it's only 2 years away).

The steps I will take to get there:

1. Joined a gym (brand new and doesn't open until mid-January) along with my husband and son.
2. Will drink the appropriate amount of water daily.
3. Keep my food diary on (tchrnmommy is my screen name)
4. Menu plan
5. Portion control
6. Record weight week.y (I'm a chronic daily weigher)

The stats:

5' 2" (apparently I grew an inch after 3 pregnancies - so my doc has said)
145 lbs

Now I know I am far from morbidly obese. But I am definitely not happy in my skin. I can hide the pudge with good clothing styles, but I can see it. I see it in my face, my arms, my abdomen, my thighs....

The goal:

128 lbs (but also trying to be realistic so I'd be happy at low 130's)
I'd like to reach this goal by swimsuit season.

I guess that's it. I will post some pictures.

That's all for now. But if you're dying to know, 2012 must have been the year of video because I have a lot on my you tube channel! Lol. Link around here somewhere.

MyFitnessPal - Free Weight Loss Tools

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I should probably start documenting... (HCG Diet Protocol)

I have so many people asking me I'm beginning to feel like a broken record....

Let's start with the 1.....waaaaay back when...

So when did I realize I was fat? After the birth of my 1 child in 1998, I was "fat and happy" (or so I thought).... Being a short person (5'1" and a medium build) I'd been a comfortable teenager in the 118-120 range. Always had junk in the trunk and thunder matter what weight. Then came my 20's...had 2 children and blew up to the heavist I had been to this point (even heavier than when I was pregnant)

It only got worse.......

Update after the diet:

I successfully lost about 20lbs and kept it off but I fell off the healthy eating wagon and gained more. Is not hcg's fault. It was mine. But it is a strict and hard diet.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

To do...

Seriously I need to make a list. I keep thinking of things I need to do and then forget before I can do them.

My list (not in order of importance):
Letter to Katie encouragement for MAP test (due to her teacher TOMORROW)
Finish revising 8 definition of my freelance project (due by end of the week)
Birthday cards out for Tori's Jitterbug friends birthdays
Make a hair appt (yeah I like the blonde but it's expensive to upkeep and I think it's making me ditsy)
Excercise - I gotta get back on it! Supposed to run a 5K mid-May
Mop my floor - it's freakin nasty
Need formula from Target
Need Easter dress for Tori
Visit Easter bunny - Saturday
Call OB about a receipt for reimbursement
Bid on a few more jobs on Elance so I have some extra work for next month.
Continue Cyberbegging for Katie's walk to raise money at school for a track (See earlier blog post)

I'm sure there is more, I just can't think of anything right now and I want to get started on a few things that are on my list.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Katie and Jeff after they ran her first 5k in Novemeber 2010

2011 Green Tree Elementary Gator Walk

My 9 year old daugther, Katie, will be participating in a walk and she needs pledgers! The school is raising money to build a 1/4 mile paved track around the playground for the school and community to use. 100% of the donations go towards their $15,000 goal. The school has approximately 900 students. You can donate a set amount by clicking on my paypal donation button below. If you want to donate per lap, comment here with your name and pledge per lap. She thinks she can do 50 laps in 30 minutes. She has run a 5K in 60 pledge accordingly.

She will personally get a lot of usage out of the track. She participates in a program called Girls On the Run. GOTR builds girls self-esteem through running. She has already completed one 5K and is set to do another in May (with me...if I can keep up.) The girls practice at the school and currently use the "bus loop" parking lot. The track will be a welcomed addition. We thank you for your support.

You do NOT need a Paypal account to donate. If you want to Pledge Per Lap, I will send you an email with the total laps but she has to turn in the pledge form on the 25th. So please comment to let me know what you want to pledge.

PS - This entry is also my first offical "blog" entry. So feel free to follow me...I'm sure I have lots of interesting stuff to say...LOL